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600*600mm 9U

Wall cabinet 9U
Dimensions: 600x600mm
Kit with lock and key
Declared height: 500 mm
NOTE: Wall cabinet is delivered unmounted
Download document with specification

The Network Cabinet Unique Series was designed and produced for cabling and networking components. Several optimizations result in a perfect performance between quality and added value. Each cabinet is designed with strength, ease of use and aesthetics in mind. The front door consists of a complete metal frame with safety glass. The door stop can be changed easily from left to right. The lockable pivot lever is ready for profile half cylinders (adapter included). All side panels are lockable and detachable. Every

cabinet is equipped with galvanized 483 mm (19”) profile rails, mounted left and right on the front and rear side. They are adjustable in depth and with height unit marking. The vertical cable management ducts are mounted on the front side.


• Flat packing and patent frame, packing time is less than 5 minutes, around 1/3-1/4 assembled original volume when flat pack

• Cable entry on both of top cover and bottom panel

• Steel front door, opening direction of door can be changed, turning angle of front door is over 180 degrees

• Different optional style of doors

• Wall mounted panel, convenience for installation, locked from inside with screw, avoiding to be stolen or accidentally dropped

• Flat side panel, easy installation

• Installation depth of mounting profile can be changed

• Safety class rating IP20

• Lockable safety-glass door with steel frame

• 210° door opening angle

• 1-point-locking-mechanism on the front door

• Side panels are lockable and removable

• Max. installation depth: 450 mm

• Cable entry on the rear side and base with plastic cover and top with sliding cover

• Roof is prepared for fan units (punched out entries)

• Ventilation slots for active and passive ventilation and exhausting

• Several earthing points for rack components

• Incl. installation set (screws, cage nuts, washers)

• Rack is completely mounted

• Equipment mounting depth min.-max.: 320-450 mm

• Front door: Glass door

• Cabinet type: Wall mounting cabinet

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