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600*600mm 20U

Floor cabinet 20U
Dimensions: 600x600mm
Includes: glass front door, key, handle lock+mesh back door
Declared height: 1022mm
NOTE: Wall cabinet is delivered unmounted

Additional Info

Two compartment enclosure for colocation facilities with customers requiring a minimal amount of rack space.
This multi-tenant, security enhanced enclosure is provided...

Includes: 3-Digit Combination Style Handles, Adjustable vertical mounting rails, Baying hardware, Documentation CD, Door key, Installation...


Maximum Height
1991mm, 199.1CM
Maximum Width
1991mm, 199.1CM
Maximum Depth
1991mm, 199.1CM
Rack Height
1991mm, 199.1CM
Net Weight
1991mm, 199.1CM


Protection Class
IP 20


5 year repair or replace

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